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She's A Beast

BODY MECHANICS CLASS (in-person, March 10, Northeast LA)

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A Phase One Couch to Barbell Class

Learning to dial in and connect with our bodies and muscles and how all of the parts can work together as a whole can be life-changing. This process doesn’t have to involve a lot of complicated equipment or a fancy gym; all you really need is yourself. And someone to help you. That’s me :)

The in-person instruction of Body Mechanics will get you started on learning the foundational compound body movements like squats, hip hinges, and presses. We’ll emphasize form and deliberate practice over sweating and crazy effort. If you are looking to get started with a strength-training program like LIFTOFF: Couch to Barbell, this class will set you up with the right movement foundations.

This class is easy enough for beginners! (As long as your doctor would agree you’re okay to exercise.) No prior experience with strength training, bodyweight or otherwise, required, but interest in learning is. In this one class, you will learn all the skills you can take home to practice.

While the class is for beginners, anyone can benefit from a form check/reset. If you have some experience lifting but just want to check your fundamentals, you are welcome too.


This class will be outdoors, so please wear workout clothes that you would also willingly sit outside on the ground in. No equipment required, but bring a towel, water, and wear sunscreen if you need.

Exact location will sent via email a few days after signup (it’s a pretty magical one), and marked on a map. Ample parking is available, and will be marked on the map also. Make sure you provide your correct email!

It is not my goal for this class to be financially inaccessible to anyone, but it costs what it does because I want those who sign up to show up. If you’re serious about attending but can’t afford the class, email me at subject line “Body Mechanics class” and we’ll work something out.

Who am I?

I am Casey Johnston, a writer, author of the newsletter She’s A Beast, and creator of LIFTOFF: Couch to Barbell. I have a degree in Applied Physics and am an NASM certified personal trainer. I just renewed my certification, so let's do something with it, in my opinion.